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Excel Change column format to date (day / month / year) with VBA

Hello, I encounter a minor problem which drives me crazy because I can't find the solution to it. Basically I have a big table and one of the columns contain european style dates (day / month / year). What I want to do is change the date format through VBA so that the full name of the month will be displayed. For example: 10/12/2014 becomes 10/December/2014 I tried the following but it doesnt work. Code: Range("A:A").NumberFormat After running the above line the date 10/12/2014 becomes 12/October/2014 instead of the desired result 10/December/2014. Why does excel consider the first number (10) as the month if I specified the format dd/MMMM/yyyy. Clearly I haven't understand how dates format work. Can someone please give me a solution?

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