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Excel Can i quicken this Function or use diff code to speed it Up

Hi I have this function that is used on several sheets and the The range to lookin is in B2:I200 therefore it loops several of times when this function is called or when a cell changes within that range on that sheet I double on a cell to change its colour and add a value and then this function is called to sum the colour This works fine but can be clunky at times Need help speeding it up or using different method Here is the working Code: Code: Function SumColour(MatchColour As Range, MatchColourRan Dim Cell As Range Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each Cell In MatchColourRange If Cell.Interior.Color = MatchColour.Interior.Color On Error Resume Next SumColour = SumColour + Cell.Value On Error GoTo 0 End If Next Cell Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Function

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