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Excel Auto Transpose macro

Hello there, I really hope someone can help me with this macro that I tried to create and gave up. I tried the record macro option and modified the values on the script,but considering the knowledge that I have in excel, it didnot work. Am trying to create an excel sheet,which, upon one click transposes the 1000 values in 1000 rows(1column) in to single row of 1000 columns. I cannot paste 2000 values here so am giving an example of 100 values, 50 in one row >then a blank row, then 50. (so what I actually am looking for is 1000 in one row,blank row>next thousand and so on) Sometimes, the work we do goes on till 50,000 values to 100000, so it gets difficult. Example : Company id 10084410 10110378 11247324 21542065 52p50728 5starf02 5starr07 99034442 aacqst08 aaj04821 aba58774 abc28803 abr85711 abs05863 abukio06 acc10045

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