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Firstly a massive thank you for the help from this forum, I've been handed the following today as well, which is a little out of my zone, but I am trying to learn it. I have the following code in a sheet Code: Option Explicit Sub copySheet() Dim ChangeRequestBooks() As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False ChangeRequestBooks = openFiles() If ChangeRequestBooks(0) Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Update Cancelled" Else processFiles ChangeRequestBooks MsgBox "Update Complete" End If Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub ' Prompts the user for a list of files and returns a referece (in an array) to all the files. ' Opens all the files ready to be processed. Function openFiles() As Workbook() Dim Wb() As Workbook Dim i As Long, c As Long Dim FilesToOpen As Variant

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