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Excel 2nd highest score analysis using vlookup or macros

Hello, I have stumbled upon quite difficult task, maybe you could give me a hand at solving this task though. SCORES OF STUDENTS A1 ALAN BORIS CLIVE DENVER EZAN If H2 >2nd highest number result should be TRUE 1.If 2nd highest number is before 1st highest number ignore it and consider numbers which falls after 1st highest (here Alan scored 70 marks which is 2nd highest. but it falls before 1st high = 90. consider 65 as 2nd highest and ignore 70 which was before 1st high score) 2.If 2nd highest falls immediately after 1st highest score, ignore that 2nd highest. (Here Denver scored 90 which is 2nd highest but it falls immediately after 1st score. so consider 80 as 2nd highest) 3.If its a decrement value, dont consider any of the above values till we get an incremental value (Here EZAN scred 95-90-80 but its in decremental series. so, 1st highest is 95 and 2nd highest is 51 and not 90 or 80) 4.Before 2nd highest number there should be a number which is lesser (Clive 2nd highest 70 . before that 60 which is lesser) I really hope you can help. Thank you Last edited by relianceaaa; Jun 5th, 2014 at 12:33 PM.

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